While volunteering at High Country Humane one day, the staff said they had a “special project” for me.  The project was to sit with a 2-month old puppy who had been rescued from along the side of Highway 89 and was very frightened.  I held her while she shook for over any hour until she finally fell asleep in my arms.  It didn’t take long for me to realize this puppy had to go home with me.  Born on November 11, 2018, and named Kenya, this puppy has grown into a rather large, but very sweet, calm and friendly dog.

I knew that I could not return to High Country Humane to volunteer in that manner ever again.  My house just isn’t big enough for more puppies.  So, I decided to do what so many people have told me to do throughout my life, and that is to make apple pies.  I learned this recipe from my grandfather and have decided to make apple pies for people who wish to purchase them knowing that 100% of the proceeds go to High Country Humane on Highway 89.

                           Larry West



Orders for Sweet Kenya apple pies will be taken beginning September of 2019.  Please join our email list for updates, or check back here in the future.

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